Ace Guide Service

Tower, MN

(218) 753-2612

Species Fished
Bass - Smallmouth, Northern Pike, Walleye

Ace Guide Serviceis operated by Terry Sjoberg. He believes not only in helping you catch fish, but showing you how to catch a particular species and where the fish are located in the lake based on the time of year.


He is also believes in having a good time on the water, allowing you to enjoy the magnificant gifts Lake Vermilion has to offer.


Located on Pike Bay, Ace Guide Service offers easy access from Tower, or Cook, MN. If you are staying at a resort located on the lake your guide can pick you up at your resort.

Tom Wilson's Guide Service

Walker, MN


Species Fished

 I have been fishing walleyes on Leech Lake for 30 years and live in the area. I enjoy putting anglers "On Fish", It's why I became a fishing guide. 95% of my time on the water is spent fishing walleyes and its what I do best. As your guide I will work hard to provide you with the fish catching experience you so desire.


The Leech lake area offers some of the best and most consistent walleye fishing in Minnesota. I will show you how and where to catch them!

Wakish Minnow Station

Wakish, MN

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