Marc Thorpe Guiding Service

Terrebonne, Quebec


Species Fished
Muskie – Muskellunge, Walleye
Giant Great Fish

Muskies are the most mesmerizing species swimming in North American waters today. With intrigue come obsessive compulsive tendencies. The fascination with the targeted angling species lies in both the evolution of this mythical species and in the ability to blend and experience nature in its most solitude state.

Throughout the years I have sought many species, from my early years as a kid, to an every day understanding and following of the most dominant Apex predator’s daily movement and activities. The continuation and sharing of such angling memories is what I strive to offer to my guests in an environment of tranquility in nature.

Over the years many great captures have come from the region, with many of mythical size. Beyond the myth and rumors lies truthfulness that has made dreams into lifetime trips.

My obsessive ness began at a very young age and progressed into the early nineties. During that time I began this venture in pursuing muskies ardently. Since those beginnings many memories have come and gone. The emotional venture that muskie fishing brings to one is of profound experience which will take you from the bitterness of humiliation to the arrogance of “There’s nothing to it”. Embedded within those moments are the experiences of nature’s true beauty and living creatures. The experience of what she offers may or may not take you down the road of disbelief but she will leave you humbled of her presence.

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