Cleland Guide Service

Oacoma, SD


Species Fished
Bass - Smallmouth, Walleye

We are a family owned guide service business, located in South Dakota on the Missouri River. Our specialties are both ring-neck pheasant hunting and walleye fishing in central South Dakota, near Chamberlain-Oacoma. Our professional walleye guide and pheasant guide, Gary Cleland, is one of the best in the upper Mid West. He has fished both professionally and locally in many tournaments and placed at or near the top in most of them.

Karl Palmer Guide Services

Fort Pierre, SD


Species Fished
Bass - Smallmouth, Channel Catfish, Northern Pike, Salmon-Coho, Walleye

Welcome to  Karl Palmer Guide Services. I am a South Dakota native, 45 years old, born and raised in Miller, SD 75 miles east of Pierre. I grew up fishing in small lakes and ponds. Many of my early days were spent in a belly boat catching bass, panfish and an occasional northern pike. I purchased the belly boat for $35.00 with money earned from my paper route. 


Lake Oahe and Lake Sharpe are located on the Missouri River in central South Dakota near Pierre the capital. Four miles north, separating the two reservoirs is Oahe Dam. Lake Oahe runs north for over 200 miles, and has a maximum depth of over 200 ft. at full pool. This massive impoundment has over 2,100 miles of shoreline to fish. There are 3 rivers that run into Lake Oahe. The Grand, Moreau, and the legendary Cheyenne. There are literally thousands of points, many large bays and sunken islands to fish for Walleye, Northern Pike (15-25 pounders not uncommon), Smallmouth Bass, White Bass, Salmon and Catfish.

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